Components for bridge cranes

Components for overhead crane from Donati: guide carriages

The guide carriages for bridge cranes from Donati are designed for transport on rails with a single travel speed of 3.2 to 25 m / m or are available with two travel speeds from 12.5 / 3.2 to 80/20 m / m. The capacity when operated on a single girder crane is up to 20,000 kg, with a track width of up to 25 m. With a double girder crane, the maximum capacity is 40,000 kg, with a track width of up to 27 m.

Designed and manufactured according to the modular principle, these components are equipped with thrust units from the wheel groups of the DGT series, which, in combination with the pendulum gear motors of the DGP series, guarantee precise alignment, control of high travel speeds, and easy installation and maintenance.

The guide carriages are equipped as standard with two movable units, one of which is driven and one of which is stationary. For special service requirements, however, versions of trolleys with two drive units can also be implemented. The main components of the carriage for bridge cranes are: