Spur gear winch ECONOMY 200 – 800 kg

With the spur gear winches ECONOMY HW200 and HW800 a load of up to 200 or 800 kg can be moved. These hand winches with spur gear are available due to their straight design at a favorable price-performance ratio. They have a static safety factor of at least 1.5. The winch models can also be made of stainless steel.

Example for the economy hand winch HW200 made of stainless steel
  • Example of a small, inexpensive hand winch HW200-GR with spur gear

Product features:

  • Simple construction
  • Cable winch for occasional use
  • Used for lifting loads
  • Equipped with a load pressure brake
  • All rotating parts run in maintenance-free bearings
  • Favorable price-performance ratio
  • Static safety minimum factor 1.5
  • The numbers in the product name correspond to the lifting capacities on the first layer of rope
Spur gear winch ECONOMY 200 - 800kg
Technical detailsHW200HW800
Load capacity 1st rope layer
Load capacity of the last rope layer
Crank force, 1st rope layer
Stroke at 1st rotation
Max. rope storage
Rope diameter
Min. breaking load
Own weight (kg)410

Options and accessories:

  • In addition to the standard version made of rust-free stainless steel, the HW200 model is also available in gray (RAL 7038)
  • Steel rope or stainless steel cable with eyelet and / or hook
  • Pulley blocks