Worm gear winch 250 – 1,500 kg with double drum

The worm gear winch with a load capacity of 250 to 1,500 kg has a gear unit consisting of a worm shaft and a wheel, as well as a double drum for the simultaneous take-up of two (wire) ropes. Due to the fact that this gear causes friction losses, it already delivers 50% of the braking effect. The load pressure brake delivers the other 50%. The combination of braking system and robust design results in a very safe manual hoisting and pulling winch. The manufacturer now offers winch designs with up to 6 rope areas (6-drum).

Product features:

  • Robust construction
  • Double drum – use of up to two (wire) ropes possible
  • Mainly used for lifting, including pulling loads
  • The braking mechanism consists of 50% friction in the worm gear and 50% a load pressure brake
  • Static minimum safety factor 4
  • Adjustable and recoil-free crank
  • All rotating parts run in maintenance-free bearings
  • The numbers in the product name correspond to the lifting capacities on the first cable layer
  • The pulling force is approx. 2.5 times the lifting capacity
  • Cable exit up, down and back possible
  • Standard paint in gray (RAL 7035) and black (RAL 9005) according to DIN 12944, C1M
Worm gear winch 250 - 1,500kg with double drum
Technical detailsWW250WW500WW1000WW1500
Load capacity 1st rope layer
2 x 1252 x 2502 x 5002 x 750
Load capacity of the last rope layer
2 x 462 x 1042 x 2432 x 399
Crank force, 1st rope layer
Stroke at 1st rotation
Max. rope take-up / rope compartment
Rope diameter
Min. breaking load
Own weight (kg)9.512.02123.5

Options and accessories:

  • GD = grooved cable drum
  • EV = galvanized finish with at least 6 microns
  • EX = ATEX certified for zones 2 and 22
  • XD = Several (X) rope areas possible
  • Steel rope or stainless steel cable with eyelet and / or hook
  • Pulley blocks
  • Suitable for air and electric motor drives