Drill winch up to 1,000 kg for screw drivers

This Gebuwin drill winch can be operated with a drill and is equipped with an automatic lubrication system (AGS). The drill winch is designed for occasional use and three times as fast as a normal hand winch. This high quality, robust and safe auger has a safety factor of 4.

The special feature of this winch is the low torque of 6 Nm, which is required for pulling or lifting 1,000 kg. This winch is therefore suitable for a normal drill (240 V) or a cordless screwdriver. The maintenance of this winch is very low due to the automatic lubrication system.

Product features:

  • Robustly constructed winch for lifting or pulling
  • Corresponds to the standard EN 13157, DIN 15020
  • Static safety factor 4
  • Transmission box: IP54
  • Right-angled worm or spur gear
  • Cable exit up, down and back possible
  • Suitable for use with a drill / cordless screwdriver or for manual operation
  • Load pressure brake with ratchet system
  • Automatic lubrication system
  • The paint thickness is 60 – 80 microns per layer and corresponds to DIN / ISO 12944, C1M
Drill winch 1,000 kg
Technical detailsDW1000
Load capacity 1st rope layer
Load capacity of the last rope layer
MANUAL, 1st rope layerCrank force (daN)11
Stroke at 1st rotation
Rope speedca. 0.23
DRILL, 1. rope layerTorque in the shaft (Nm)6
Max. input speed drill (rpm)650
Rope speed (m / min)ca. 0.6
Max. rope storage
Rope diameter
Min. breaking load
Own weight (kg)39
Battery operated lubrication system (cc)DC 4.5-5 V, Fat EP125

Options and accessories:

  • GD = grooved cable drum
  • XD = Several (X) rope areas possible
  • Steel rope or stainless steel cable with eyelet and / or hook