Custom made solutions

Custom-made freestanding crane system

Custom-made crane systems and lifting solutions

In addition to its range of gantry cranes and accessories, Schilling also offers tailor-made special designs in the field of crane and lifting technology. These individual lifting solutions are designed in consultation with the customer and manufactured using lightweight construction. Regardless of whether it is for industrial use or for private use – Schilling has already developed numerous products and gained valuable experience over 30 years. We have only put together a small selection of options for you:

  • Aluminum gantry crane for maintenance work
  • Aluminum gantry crane with extendable chassis
  • Heavy duty crane
  • Gantry cranes with small dimensions
  • Aluminum gantry crane for great heights
  • Boat cranes
  • Free-standing crane system
  • Crane with integrated cantilever arm
  • Gantry crane for extremely heavy loads
  • Aluminum gantry crane with lift adjustment
  • Crane system for production line
  • etc.